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Marketing & Management

Marketing Principles

Prerequisite: None


MarketingMarketing Principles is the foundational course for the Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism, Marketing & Management, and Marketing Communications & Promotion Pathways. Marketing Principles addresses all the ways in which marketing satisfies consumer and business needs and wants for products and services. Students develop a basic understanding of Employability, Foundational and Business Administration skills, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Analysis, Human Resources Management, Information Management, Marketing, Operations, Professional Development, Strategic Management, and Global Marketing strategies. Instructional projects with real businesses, work-based learning activities including School-Based Enterprises, and DECA application experiences should be incorporated in this course.


Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Prerequisite: Marketing Principles


Marketing and Entrepreneurship is the second course in the Marketing and Management Career Pathway. Marketing and Entrepreneurship begins an in-depth and detailed study of marketing while also focusing on management with specific emphasis on small business ownership. This course builds on the theories learned in Marketing Principles by providing practical application scenarios which test these theories. In addition, Marketing and Entrepreneurship focuses on the role of the supervisor and examines the qualities needed to be successful.


Marketing Management

Prerequisite: Marketing & Entrepreneurship


Marketing Management is the third course in the Marketing and Management pathway. Students assume a managerial perspective by applying economic principles in marketing, analyzing operation’s needs, examining channel management and financial alternatives, managing marketing information, pricing products and services, developing product/service planning strategies, promoting products and services, purchasing, and professional sales. This course also includes global marketing where students analyze marketing strategies employed in the United States versus those employed in other countries.


DECACareer Opportunities:

• Entrepreneurs

• Small Business Owners

• Presidents

• Chief Executive Officers

• Proprietors

• Financial Manager

• Franchisees

• Independent X’s (e.g., distributor)

• Customer Service Representatives

• Management Analyst

• Administrative Support Representatives (e.g., human resources, clerical, finance, technical)

• Business to Business Salesperson