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Lafar Dupree SimsLafar Dupree Sims


Mr. LaFar Dupree Sims served as an educator in the Barrow County School System for 40 years.  His legacy was one of tolerance, leadership, and raising the bar for student achievement.


Mr. Sims attended Fort Valley State College where he returned, after World War II, to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Education. After graduation, he began his teaching career as a teacher/principal at Glenwood Junior High School.  He not only served in that capacity, but based on published reports, he also served as the janitor, coach, bus driver, and parent; all at the same time.  Years later, it is also believed that he was the first black man to earn a six-year/Specialist Degree from the University of Georgia, raising the bar once again for the students.


Mr. Sims played a significant role in the consolidation of six black schools into one, consolidation of the city and county schools, but most importantly the smooth integration of the black and white schools in Barrow County. He always shunned credit for many of these achievements believing it took more than one man to make the changes that occurred.  Mr. Sims once said, “I believe in my country.  It’s not perfect, but we continue to work to make it better. What is not right, if we continue with positive, selfless attitudes, we’ll make right.” However, not even he could dispute his tremendous impact on the progress in the community.


We are proud to have the Sims’ name on our institution. Mr. Sims had a vision to push students farther than they could ever dream.  We will continue “making it right” by exposing all students to the global economy and developing them into individuals who will be ready to compete.



Mission/Vision/Core Values


Mission Statement:

To create a unique, career-focused environment that inspires all students to achieve work-ready results while promoting advanced educational opportunities.


Vision Statement:

Boldly committed to student success through partnerships, innovation, and technology.


Our Core Values:

At Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology, we value high expectations through:

• Future oriented thinking by staff and associates.

• A modern, technology-rich environment.

• Honesty and integrity.

• Project-based learning that incorporates critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

• Creative thinking and relevance through unique programs.

• Hiring faculty and staff that is invested and committed to student success.

• Flexible learning environments that meet the needs of all students.

• Open communication among all stakeholders.

• The creation of unique partnerships through networking and collaboration.

• A Positive and nurturing learning environment.